Public Notices

MINTO PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT #20200 4th STREET, MINTO ND 58261REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGMONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2020The regular meeting of the Minto Public SchoolBoard was held on Monday, November 23, 2020at the Minto School. President Anton Gudajtescalled the meeting to order at 7:06 pm withmembers Jay Gudajtes, Brian Dauksavage, JoniHovde, and Jason Flanders. Member ThomasSitzer joined at 7:12 pm. Member Trevor […]

Marvin shares profits, despite tough year

Fifteen million shared with almost 6,000 employees

After rebounding from a significant drop in sales early in the pandemic and avoiding layoffs, CEO Paul Marvin announced yesterday that $15,326,676 in profits would be shared among 5,841 employees across all Marvin locations. A 63-year tradition, profit sharing began at Marvin in 1957 and is a key part of Marvin’s history of giving and a core tenet of the […]

Outdoor skating

Samantha Johnston, left, and Alexis Johnston are silhouetted by Christmas caricatures behind the Grafton Parks and Recreation outdoor rink last weekend.

Life Skills and Transition Center’s blood drive brings in 24 volunteers

Life Skills and Transition Center hosted a blood drive with Vitalant on Dec. 15 at Life Skills and Transition Center which helped collect a total of 27 units of blood products for patients. A total of 24 individuals volunteered to donate blood and 24 individuals were able to donate at the drive. A total of three donors also came forward […]

Reader essay

Boston Tea Party needed to save American again

The cry of the Boston Tea Party in December of 1773 was no taxation without representation. At the risk of being tortuously killed by boiling tar and feathers those patriots boarded the ship and tossed overboard the evil source of power for the crown. Today at the risk of being overrun by riots and burning cities we need to overthrow […]