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The WALSH County Water Resource District (the
“District”) is a political subdivision in WALSH
County, North Dakota. The District owns, operates,
maintains, develops, and constructs drainage,
flood protection, and other water infrastructure
projects in accordance with its statutory authorities.
The District occasionally requests cost-share
participation from the North Dakota State Water
Commission (the “SWC”) regarding various project
development, design, and construction activities.
In accordance with the SWC’s cost-share policies,
the District must conduct an engineering services
selection process at least every three years to
qualify for cost-share regarding project engineering
and development. This RFQ process will satisfy the
SWC cost-share requirements.
Scope of Services
The District is seeking general engineering services
and consulting to assist, advise, and act on
behalf of the District regarding all proceedings
and projects of the District, including regular
attendance at meetings of the District; surveys;
inspection and maintenance of existing projects,
including assessment projects, drains, and retention
projects; development, study, survey, design,
bidding, contract administration, and right of way
acquisition regarding new projects, improvements
to the District’s existing projects, and snagging and
clearing projects; administration and negotiation of
land and right of way acquisition on behalf of the
District; assistance regarding permit administration,
including surface drainage, subsurface drainage,
dam, and dike permitting; investigation and
assistance regarding administration of dike,
dam, drainage, and obstruction complaints;
assessment district development; negotiation
with road authorities, railroads, and other entities
on the District’s behalf; regular cooperation and
interaction with the District’s staff, legal counsel,
and other consultants; and otherwise performing
all other tasks as necessary to act on the District’s
Submission Requirements
The Qualification Statements must include:
1. Name of Respondent and general
information regarding Respondent’s entity
2. Name, title, address, telephone number, and
email address of contact person authorized
to contractually obligate Respondent;
3. General introduction and brief history of
Respondent’s firm;
4. Description of Respondent’s specialized or
relevant experience or knowledge;
5. Confirmation that Respondent meets
the appropriate North Dakota licensing
6. Description of noteworthy water
infrastructure projects the firm has
developed, designed, administered, and
managed in the area, specifically including
legal assessment drains and retention
7. Description of any other characteristics that
would be uniquely relevant in evaluating
Respondent’s experience of Respondent;
8. Identification of key management, field,
and staff members Respondent would
assign to provide District’s services;
9. Information regarding Respondent’s
management, field, and staff members
designated above, including name,
position, telephone number, email address,
education, and experience, including
information regarding relevant project
experience; and
10. General description of Respondent’s ability
to meet Respondent’s time and budget
Respondents must submit one Qualification
Statement to the District by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday,
November 30, 2017, by mail or email, to:
WALSH County Water Resource District
C/o Jennifer Lindenberger
600 Cooper Ave
Grafton, ND 58237
Selection Criteria
The District will evaluate each Respondent on the
basis of the following criteria:
1. Professional qualifications necessary for
satisfactory performance of requested
services, including past performance on
behalf of the District and on similar projects;
2. Qualifications of personnel;
3. Ability and willingness to meet time and
budget requirements;
4. Location, with higher priority given to firms
headquartered in North Dakota;
5. Recent, current, and projected workloads;
6. Related experience on similar projects; and
7. Recent and current work for the District.
The District will evaluate all Qualification
Statements and will rank firms based on the above
criteria. The District will conduct interviews with
the top three firms. Following interviews, the
District will select the top-rated firm(s) and will
enter into contract negotiations with that firm(s).
The District will provide written notice of its
decision to all Respondents.
The District reserves the right, in its discretion, to
waive any deficiencies in any submissions, and to
accept or reject any and all Qualification Statements
submitted. The District is not responsible for the
costs of proposal or interview preparation.
(November 1, 8, 15, 2017)
DOCUMENT 00 10 50
Project: Pembina County Meals and
Cavalier Site – toilet room renovation
214 Main Street West
Cavalier, ND 58220
Architect’s Project Number: 2017-19
Owner: Pembina County Meals and
Transportation (PCMT)
200 N Main St
Drayton, ND 58225
By: Hepper Olson Architects, Ltd.
429 Broadway St
PO Box 147
Buxton, ND 58218
Phone: 701-841-1000
Bids Close: Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 3:00
p.m. CDST
Bids received after the designated
time will not be accepted. Bids
will be opened and publicly read
aloud. It is the bidder’s responsibility
to see that mailed or delivered
bids are in the hands of the Owner
prior to bid opening.
Bid Place: Pembina County Meals and
200 N Main St
Drayton, ND 58225
Outline of Project: Remodel of existing toilet

rooms to meet A.D.A. compliance. Remodel
project also includes the replacement of the front
door as well as new Electric A.D.A. door opener
systems at the front door 100, door 109, 103 &
104. Includes but is not limited to, demo, wood
framing as needed to patch, toilet room, and
associated HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.
Type of Bids:
Single Prime Stipulated sum to meet NDCC.
Combined of General, Electrical, Mechanical can
be submitted.
Obtaining Documents: Drawings and
Specifications may be examined at the following:
Hepper Olson Architects, 429
Broadway St, Buxton, ND 58218
Qualified Bidders may obtain Drawings and
Specifications from the Architect electronically at
no charge. Hard copies are available for $100
which is non-refundable.
Bid Security: That each bid must be accompanied
by a separate envelope containing the contractor’s
license and bid security. The bid security must be
in a sum equal to five percent of the full amount
of the bid and must be in the form of a bidder’s
bond. A bidder’s bond must be executed by the
bidder as principal and by a surety, conditioned
that if the principal’s bid is accepted and the
contract awarded to the principal, the principal,
within ten days after notice of the award, shall
execute a contract in accordance with the terms
of the bid and the bid bond and any condition
of the governing body. A countersignature of a
bid bond is not required under this section. If a
successful bidder does not execute a contract
within the ten days allowed, the bidder’s bond
must be forfeited to the governing body and the
project awarded to the next lowest responsible
North Dakota Law:
 That a bidder, except a bidder on a
municipal, rural, and industrial water
supply project using funds provided under
Public Law No. 99-294 [100 Stat. 426; 43
U.S.C. 390a], must be licensed for the full
amount of the bid as required by sections
43-07-05 and 43-07-12. For projects using
funds provided under Public Law No.
99-294 [100 Stat. 426; 43 U.S.C. 390a],
the advertisement must state that, unless
a bidder obtains a contractor’s license for
the full amount of its bid within twenty
days after it is determined the bidder is the
lowest responsible bidder, the bid must be
rejected and the contract awarded to the
next lowest responsible bidder.
 That no bid may be read or considered
if the bid does not fully comply with the
requirements of North Dakota Century
Code Chapter 48-01.2 and that any
deficient bid submitted must be resealed
and returned to the bidder immediately.
 That the governing body reserves the right
to reject any and all bids and rebid the
project until a satisfactory bid is received.
Federal Regulations:
 This contract is Federally funded. The
contractor must comply with the Davis-
Bacon Act, The Copeland anti-Kickback
Act, and the contract Work Hours and
safety standards act CWHSSA. Contracts
for work under this bid will obligate the
contractor and subcontractors not to
discriminate in employment practices.
Contractors and sub- contractors shall pay
all employees working on this project on
a weekly basis in accordance with 29 CFR
parts 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7. Contractors and subcontractors must provide a payroll report
on OMB form 1215-0149 or equivalent
to the Office of Urban development on a
weekly basis. The work to be performed
under this contract is subject to the
requirements of section 3 of the Housing
and Urban Development Act of 1968, as
amended, 12 U.S.C. 1701u (section 3).
All interested bidders must be registered
with the Federal Government’s System for
Award management (SAM).
 Minority and women owned business are
encouraged to submit bids.
The Owner: The Owner reserves the right to
hold all bids for a period of sixty days after the
date fixed for the opening of bids, and to reject
any and all Bids and waive any formalities or
Prebid Meeting: Tuesday November 28, 2017 @
10:00am, at the project site in Cavalier.
By order of: Pembina County Meals and
(November 8, 15, 22, 2017)

OCTOBER 17, 2017
October 17, 2017 - 9:00 a.m.
Members present: Chairman Meberg,
Commissioners Anderson, Barta, Burianek and
Motion by Anderson to approve the October
2, 2017 regular meeting minutes, and agenda
additions of Park River City, utility permit
repair, County Road 15 and appreciation party.
Second by Burianek. Motion carried.
Ron Jurgens, Sheriff, appeared during employee
time for the following:
 Jurgens asked for permission to purchase a
storage container for evidence. A new law
requires a judge to sign off on each piece
of evidence before it can be returned to
the owner which increases the amount of
time the County has possession of it. The
east garage is full of evidence and needs
to be freed up with winter coming and the
need for space for patrol cars. Jurgens has
funds in his current budget for the expense.
Motion by Anderson to approve the
purchase of a 45’ storage container
from Mike DeSautel at a cost of $3,900
for the storage of evidence. Second by
Wild. Motion carried.
 A motor was replaced in the roof above the
jail which has helped reduced the humidity
in the jail.
 Ann Stroh is doing well in her new position
and is currently in Bismarck training on a BCI
program in regard to sex offenders.
Kelley Cole, State’s Attorney, appeared to discuss
the following:
 Motion by Barta to approve the
Preliminary Resolution to designate the
Recorder to an appointed office. Second
by Anderson. Motion carried.
 Cole asked for some direction on the
resolution for the treasurer’s position. The
resolution would need to be acted on
within 2 years. If the intent is to make it
appointed once the current treasurer retires
or resigns no action would likely be taken in
the next 2 years. The commission will wait
to move forward with the resolution for the
treasurer’s position.
 Cole informed the commission that the
current Pembina County State’s Attorney is
making $92,000 a year with no experience
and the Ramsey County State’s Attorney
is making $89,000 with little experience.
Barb Whelan was only making $86,304
with 17 years of experience. Cole will get
the same salary as Whelan for ½ of October,
November and December. Tanya Wieler,
HR, is working on the current pay plan but
will be asked to review the States Attorney’s
salary right away so that the commissioners
can make a salary decision by January 1,
 Introduced the new Assistant State’s
Attorney, JR Steele. He and his family are in
Fargo but plan to relocate to Walsh County.
 Discussed the 2017 Tax Appraisal List. Many
of the western counties increase the prices
and sell the houses for profit. Motion
by Burianek to approve Tax Appraisal
List as presented. Second by Anderson.
Motion carried.
Todd Morgan, Tax Director, appeared for the
 Discussed the contracts, agreements and
cost for the Vanguard Program. If they are
signed now work can begin in 2017 and
payments can follow in 2018. Motion by
Barta to approve the documents upon
review of the state’s attorney’s office.
Second by Anderson. All voted yes expect
for Wild. Motion carried
 Discussed assessing gravel pits, assessors
training and farm exemptions.
No one appeared for the 10:00 Tax List Objection
Delore Zimmerman, Praxis Strategy Group and
Julie Campbell, JDA, appeared to discuss/clarify
some misinformation. There will be a meeting
on October 24 at the Life Skills and Transition
Center. Tours will be given and all are encouraged
to attend. The goal of the group is to sustain the
center as a statewide care provider for people
with IDD and redevelop underutilized buildings for
new uses. New Horizons is a secure building with
possibilities such as a treatment center.
Sharon Lipsh, Highway Superintendent, appeared
for the following:
 Added Custom Aire to the agenda.
 Custom Aire did their annual servicing
of heating systems. The water in the
Chase Building boiler is acidic and they
are recommending neutralizing it with
chemicals. Motion by Barta to approve
treatment of water on the Chase
Building boiler with up to 25 gallons
of chemicals at a cost of up to $1300.
Second by Burianek. Motion carried.
 Discussed having active shooter training on
the courthouse complex. It would require
the purchase of some supplies and would
possibly take place on a Friday afternoon.
Motion by Anderson to purchase active
shooter kits and move forward with the
planning of the drill. Second by Wild.
Motion carried.
 Motion by Anderson to sign the Land &
Water Conservation Grant for Homme
Dam. Second by Barta. Motion carried.
 Motion by Wild to sign the Annual
Maintenance Certification for NDDOT.
Second by Burianek. Motion carried.
 Gave an update on the Warsaw issue. The
mess has been cleaned up and the post that
was removed has reappeared. KLJ will put
in another marker that won’t be able to be
 Motion by Burianek to sign Adams
grader loan documents with First
United Bank. Second by Barta. Motion
 Motion by Anderson to approve
drainage permits as presented for
John Miller, Section 29, Walsh Centre
Township; Nathan Riskey, Section 32,
Pulaski Township and Trevor Skorheim,
Section 30, Norton Township. Second by
Barta. Motion carried.
 Discussed the Mark A Novak flowage
easement, drainage permit, hydraulic study,
and neighbor’s objection to project. There
are two areas of concern that need to be
addressed, one is the drainage area and
the other is the downstream landowner.
The board questioned the need for that
large of culverts and asked Lipsh to look
into the drainage area size. As far as the
downstream landowner goes, it has been
the board’s position to ensure the adjacent
landowner is in agreement with drainage
project. Wild made a motion to table
flowage easement and drainage permit
until Lipsh can talk to Peterka’s to see if
they approve of the project. Second by
Barta. Motion carried.
 Wild asked Lipsh to check out County Road
4 where a utility company cut the road. It is
rough and probably doesn’t meet standard
of repair for a permit.
 Wild also discussed the County Road 15
shoulders or lack of shoulders. It is on
the list of projects to do for the highway
 Burianek asked for a FEMA update and
asked about the ad for sign forman.
 Discussed mowing ditches.
Brent Nelson, Emergency Manager, appeared for

the following:
 Informed the commission of a flood plan
discovery meeting set for November 28th in
the Farmers Room.
 Nelson received a letter and list of buyout
property that FEMA wants inspected to
make sure that there is no development
on the property. Commissioners requested
that Nelson follow through and complete
the inspections.
Barta recognized and congratulated the City of
Park River who was awarded the 2017 City of the
Year Award at the League of Cities.
Auditor will send out an email to see if anyone
is interested in planning the Appreciation Party
scheduled for December 9th in Park River.
Next meeting is scheduled for November 6th.
Meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.
Luther Meberg, Chairman
Attest: Kris Molde, Auditor
(November 15, 2017)
Preliminary Resolution
Plan to Designate
the Office of Walsh County Recorder
to an Appointed Office
The Walsh County Commission believes it is in
the best long-term interest of Walsh County
to provide for the employment of qualified,
experienced, knowledgeable and technically
competent county officeholders. The Walsh
County Recorder (formerly Register of Deeds) is
responsible for keeping a full and true record, in
proper books or other storage media provided for
that purpose, of each patent, deed mortgage, bill
of sale, security agreement, judgment, decree,
lien, certificate of sale, and other instrument
required to be filed or admitted to record, and
for collecting fees provided by law for filing or
recording. It is in the County’s best interest to
ensure continuity of personnel and to consider
contingency and transitional planning for the
position of Walsh County Recorder. For those
reasons, the Commission believes it is in the best
long-term interests of Walsh County to exercise its
authority to designate the Office of Walsh County
Recorder as an appointed position, whereby the
Walsh County Commission will appoint the Walsh
County Recorder. The Commission has composed
the following plan to accomplish this change.
gives preliminary approval of the following plan:
To designate the office of County Recorder from
elected to appointed. The Walsh County Board
of Commissioners has the authority to accomplish
this plan through the provisions set forth in the
Walsh County Home Rule Charter Article 2,
paragraphs 3 and 10 and Chapter 11-10.2 of the
North Dakota Century Code.
The County Recorder is currently elected for a
term of four years and takes office January 1st,
succeeding the election (Walsh County Home
Rule Charter Article 4 and N.D.C.C. § 11-13-
01). The position of County Recorder covers
a wide spectrum of duties and responsibilities
enumerated throughout Century Code, but
found primarily in N.D.C.C. § 11-18. The
County Recorder (formerly Register of Deeds) is
responsible for keeping a full and true record, in
proper books or other storage media provided for
that purpose, of each patent, deed mortgage, bill
of sale, security agreement, judgment, decree,
lien, certificate of sale, and other instrument
required to be filed or admitted to record, and
for collecting fees provided by law for filing or
The Recorder must endorse each document to be
recorded with the proper date and hour that it
was completed and imprint each document with
the official Walsh County Recorder seal.
 Existing Organization: The existing
organization of the County Recorder’s
office includes the following positions
and primary duties:
 RECORDER: Overall responsibility for
operation of office, supervision of
employee and fulfillment of all statutory
 DEPUTY RECORDER: Reviews original
documents according to guidelines
established in NDCC. The Deputy Recorder
records and indexes documents relating
to real estate in Walsh County, including
collecting and receipting appropriate filing
fees. Various other tasks include processing
of death certificates, passport applications;
marriage licenses and wills, as wells as
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings.
The Deputy Recorder may research records
for citizens, attorneys, banks, farm credit
providers, abstract companies, etc. General
clerical and secretarial support duties
include answering the telephone, making
copes, typing, filing, etc.
 Functions: The information filed and
recorded in the County Recorder’s
office is used by the auditor, treasurer,
commissioners and other county officials,
along with the general public and
business entities; therefore it is of utmost
importance that the information filed
and recorded is accurate. These records
primarily deal with real estate, such as
patents, deeds, mortgages, bills of sale,
security agreements, judgments, decrees,
liens and certificates of sale. The real
estate record is the basis for the Auditor’s
assessment rolls and the tax collection
process of the Treasurer.
 Procedures: The procedures established
for providing governmental services in
the Recorder’s office are set forth in the
NDCC and include the use of telephone,
computers, calculators, copy machines,
file cabinets, record books and other
essential office equipment in providing
necessary service and answering questions.
Procedures developed over the years have
been passed along and enhanced through
training, education and updated systems to
improve efficiency whenever possible.
The office of Walsh County Recorder will hereafter
be designated as an appointed position at the end
of the current term, occurring on December 31,
2018. The person currently holding the office of
Walsh County Recorder is planning on retiring at
the end of the term. The Commission will appoint
a person to serve as Walsh County Recorder as
of January 1, 2019 and there will be no changes
in the duties and/or responsibilities of the Walsh
County Recorder. The appointed person shall
become an “employee” of Walsh County, subject
to the terms and conditions of employment as
found in the Walsh County Personnel Policy
The citizens of Walsh County shall retain the
right of referral of this plan as outlined in the
Walsh County Home Rule Charter Article 5 and
N.D.C.C. § 11-10.2-02.
There are no changes in office organization

contemplated by the designation the Walsh
County Recorder as an appointed position. The
Commission will continue to provide necessary
staff, office space and equipment necessary to
perform the functions required by the North
Dakota Century Code.
There are no changes in effectiveness and
efficiency contemplated by the designation of
the Walsh County Recorder as an appointed
position. The responsibilities and duties assigned
to the Walsh County Recorder will be carried out
in a manner consistent with law and without
disruption of services provided to the public. The
long-term effectiveness and efficiency will be
increased, however, insofar as the Walsh County
Commission will have the ability to do transition
planning to ensure that changes in the Walsh
County Recorder’s Office can be addressed based
upon the needs of the office as opposed to an
election schedule.
(November 15, 2017)

City of Grafton, ND
Health and Sanitation Notice
Yard and Sidewalk Maintenance
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following
are violations of the City of Grafton Code of
Ordinances, Chapter 12 Health and Sanitation
 Accumulation or storage of garbage
including but not limited to manure, metal
objects, boxes, decayed animal matter,
decayed vegetable matter, except as
provided for in section 11-5, Containers
Required, of the City Code of Ordinances
 Grasses greater in height than six (6)
inches, or which have gone or are about to
go to seed, and any noxious weeds. This
shall not apply to vegetation being grown
as a crop or garden.
 Accumulation of ice or snow on sidewalks
within twenty-four (24) hours after the ice
forms or the snow ceases.
Properties found in violation will be posted; and if
violation is not corrected within 3 days of notice,
it shall cause the City or its agent to correct the
violation and assess the cost and administrative
fee thereof against the property owner and/or
By Order of the City Council,
Scott Boura
Building Official
(November 8, 15, 2017)

Unofficial and condensed record of the minutes
of a regular meeting of the City Council of the
City of Minto, Walsh County, North Dakota, held
on October 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Minto City
Auditor’s Office.
Mayor Lane Kelley called the meeting to order.
The Pledge was recited. Present were Councilmen
Larry Jamieson, Stanley Miller and John Narloch.
Absent was Allen Gerszewski.
M-Miller, S-Narloch, carried. Approved minutes
from the regular meeting held on September
11, 2017 and special meeting on September 29,
M-Jamieson, S-Narloch, carried. Approved the
following permit applications:
Marlene Swensen, 237 Wilson Avenue. David
Gerszewski, 226 Gillespie Avenue. Russell
Schanilec, 325 Hodson Avenue.
M-Miller, S-Jamieson, carried. Approved
increasing rates, $.25 monthly for street lights and
$.75 monthly for sewer for FY2018.
M- Miller, S-Narloch, carried. Approve the 2nd
reading of the 2018 budget.
M-Jamieson, S-Miller, carried. Approved a motion
to apply for a grant for the Housing Rehabilitation
project administered by the JDA.
M-Jamieson, S-Narloch, carried. Approved the
following for payment:
To: Amount:
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 185.30
Batteries + Bulbs 48.57
Cenex Fleet Card 126.40
Cenex Fleetcard 302.00
Christie Odell 86.25
City of Minto 3061.99

Dakota Supply Group 245.75
Filter Care 23.69
Grafton Floral 95.00
Grafton True Value 54.61
Hach Company 39.57
Harriston 134.97
Invisimax 35.00
Lane Kelley 100.00
Marco 32.82
Menards 27.46
Midcontinent Communications 308.06
Minto Community Center 750.00
Minto Post Office 110.00
Morgan Printing 281.61
ND League of Cities 140.00
NDPERS 3139.00
North Dakota One Call 10.00
Otter Tail Power Company 1601.96
Patrice Koble 25.00
Payroll Expenses 13501.58
Quill 227.26
Refuse Disposal Service 4958.00
Safeguard Business Systems 310.03
Samson Electric 47.51
Shutt, Sam 119.99
Swanston Equipment 715.70
Tractor Supply 235.96
US Bank 4963.75
Walsh County 906.00
Walsh Rural Water District 6525.09
M-Narloch, S-Jamieson, carried. The meeting was
adjourned. The next regular meeting will be held
on November 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM.
Lane Kelley
Attest: Tamara J. Ulland
(November 15, 2017)

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