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Issuer: Walsh County Water Resource District,
Walsh County, North Dakota
Governing Body: Board of Managers
Kind, date, time, and place of meeting: A regular
meeting, held on July 24, 2018, at 8:00 A.M. at
the Walsh County Courthouse, Grafton, North
Members present: Daryl Campbell, Larry Tanke,
Albin Jallo
Members absent: None
Document Attached: PRELIMINARY
I, the undersigned, being the duly qualified
and acting Secretary/Treasurer of Walsh County
Water Resource District (the Issuer), certify that the
resolution attached hereto, as described above,
has been carefully compared with the original
records of the Issuer in my legal custody; that the
resolution is a true, correct and complete copy of
the resolution adopted by the Board of Managers
at the meeting and has not been amended,
modified or rescinded as of the date hereof; and
that the meeting was duly held by the Board of
Managers at the time and place and was attended
throughout by the members indicated above,
pursuant to call and notice of such meeting given
as required by law.
WITNESS my hand officially as such Secretary/
Treasurer of this 24th day of July, 2018.
/s/ Jennifer Lindenberger
BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Managers
of Walsh County Water Resource District, North
Dakota (the District), that it is necessary and
expedient for the District to issue its drain bonds as
hereafter described:
1. The maximum amount of bonds proposed
to be issued is $10,000,000.
2. The maximum interest rate suchshall bear is 5.00%.
3. The bonds shall mature in the years 2019
to 2038.
4. The bonds are to be issued to finance the
acquisition of right-of-way and easements
and the construction of Drain #87.
5. The purpose for which the bonds are
proposed to be issued is to provide funds,
together with any other funds available,
to buy Drain #87 Warrant in the principal
amount of $10,000,000 for the purpose
of financing the acquisition of right-ofway and easements and the construction
of Drain #87.
6. The Secretary/Treasurer is directed to
publish this resolution in The Record once
each week for three consecutive weeks.
From and after the expiration of thirty (30)
days after the first publication date, no
action may be commenced or maintained,
and no defense or counterclaim may be
recognized in the courts of this State to
question or impair the drain warrant
resolved to be funded or the drain
assessments supporting such warrant.
7. A complete list identifying the drain
warrant proposed to be funded has been
filed in the office of the Walsh County
Adopted: July 24, 2018.
/s/Daryl Campbell
/s/Jennifer Lindenberger
The motion for the adoption of the foregoing
resolution was duly made by Member Larry Tanke,
seconded by Member Albin Jallo, and upon vote
being taken thereon, the following voted in favor:
Daryl Campbell, Larry Tanke & Albin Jallo;
the following voted against the same: None;
and the following were absent: None;
whereupon the resolution was declared
duly passed and adopted and was signed by the
Chairman and attested by the Secretary/Treasurer.
(August 1, 8, 15, 2018)

1. TO:
John M Adriano Katarina Adriano
506 E 7th St 506 E 7th St
the title owners of the following described real property:
The North Half (N1/2) of Lot 22, and all of Lots 23 and 24, in Block 20, ASKELSON`s Addition to
the City Of Grafton, Walsh County, North Dakota
2. Notice is hereby given that certain mortgage upon the above-described property, John M Adriano
and Katarina Adriano, mortgagor/s, executed and delivered to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems,
Inc. as nominee for USAA Federal Savings Bank, Mortgagee, dated December 17, 2014, and filed for
record in the office of the Register of Deeds of the County of Walsh and State of North Dakota, December
22, 2014 as Document 282989. The mortgage has been or will be assigned to the Plaintiff prior to the
commencement of a foreclosure action. Said mortgage was give to secure the payment of $135,000.00,
and interest according to the conditions of a certain promissory note, is in default.
3. Pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are advised that
unless you dispute the validity of the foregoing debt or any portion thereof within thirty days after receipt
of this letter, we will assume the debt to be valid. On the other hand, if the debt or any portion thereof is
disputed, we will obtain verification of the debt and will mail you a copy of such verification. You are also
advised that upon your request within the thirty day period, we will provide you with the name and address
of your original creditor, if different from the creditor referred to in this Notice. We are attempting to collect
a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.
4. At this time, no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of
your account. However, if you fail to contact our office, our client may consider additional remedies to
recover the balance due.
5. Nationstar Mortgage LLC may have previously sent you a letter advising you of possible alternatives
to foreclosure, along with the documents for you to complete and return to Nationstar Mortgage LLC to
be evaluated for these alternatives. If you did not receive or no longer have the documents, or have not
returned all of the documents, please contact Nationstar Mortgage LLC at:877-450-8638 . Even if you
have previously indicated that you are not interested in saving your home you can still be evaluated for
alternatives to foreclosure.
6. The following is a statement of the sum due for principal, interest, taxes, insurance,
maintenance, etc., as of June 3, 2018 :
Unpaid Principal Balance $133,289.71
Unpaid Accrued Interest through 06/03/2018 $2,610.76
Uncollected Late Charges $101.04
Property Inspections/Preservation $120.00
Escrow Advance $2,465.41
Recording Fee $20.00
Grand Total
7. That as of June 1, 2018 the amount due to cure any default, or to be due under the terms of the
mortgage, exists in the following respects:
Principal & Interest 5 months at $631.46 $3,157.30
Escrow Payments 3 months at $346.10 = $1,038.30
2 months at $372.19 = $744.38
Late Charges $101.04
Grand Total $5,041.02
all of which must be paid BY CERTIFIED FUNDS, MADE PAYABLE TO Nationstar Mortgage LLC
and mailed to the undersigned attorney to cure the default, plus any accrued interest, subsequent
payments or late charges which become due and any further expenses for preservation of
the property which may be advanced. PLEASE CONTACT THE UNDERSIGNED FOR THE EXACT
8. You have the right, in accordance with the terms of the mortgage, to cure the default specified
above. You also have the right to assert in the foreclosure action that no default exists or any other defense
you may have to said action.
9. Notice is further given that if the total sums in default, together with interest accrued thereon
at the time of such payment, accrued payments then due and expenses advanced, are not paid within
thirty (30) days from the date of mailing or service of this Notice, the Mortgagee will deem the whole sum
secured by the mortgage to be due and payable in full without further notice. Furthermore, proceedings
will be commenced to foreclose such mortgage, and in the event of Sheriff’s sale as provided by the laws of
the State of North Dakota, the time for redemption shall be as provided by law, but not less than sixty (60)
days after the Sheriff’s Sale.
Dated June 29, 2018
Attorneys for the Plaintiff
Office and Post Office Address:
38 Second Avenue East
Dickinson, North Dakota 58601
Tel: (701) 227-1841
Fax: (701) 225-6878
Haylee Cripe, Attorney ND Bar #07241
If you have previously received a discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this is not an attempt
to collect a debt against you personally, but only an attempt to determine your intention
concerning retaining this property.
(August 1, 8, 15, 2018)

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